Save Money & Stay on Budget
Rumour has it that hiring a corporate event planner is expensive and will likely cause you to exceed your budget. But that’s just not the case! The goal of professional event planning companies is to keep you on budget and save you money...all while delivering a flawless event.

Experience & Expertise
A flawless event requires that a huge cast comes together to work harmoniously. Event planners understand this intimately. They save you time and money by identifying and working with only the best vendors and partners for a seamless production.

The right event planner, with their years of corporate experience, can often negotiate lower rates for a client simply because of who they are and their unique understanding of the event business.

Insurance Coverage
In addition, professional event planning companies should be insured. Ask for a copy of their policy listing your company as a named insured. Relevents carries $5 million in event and liquor liability insurance, exceeding current event standards.

Hiring a professional event planner will save you time, money and guarantees your event delivers!

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